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Finally, kerbside EV charging designed specifically for the urban environment

The on-street environment is challenging. Pedestrians, motorists, residents and utility firms all vie for use of our congested streets. On-street chargers have been unsympathetic to existing stakeholders which has resulted in on-street installations falling far behind other types of charging infrastructure.

Kerb-e has been designed from the ground up to consider ALL stakeholders. The result is a charger that can be deployed at scale, and with economics that make sense for the charge point operators, EV owners and the taxpayer. 


Kerb-e is a cofinitive #21toWatch Top21.2023

#21ToWatch 2023 - Top21-2023 - we are proud_LinkedIn 1200x628px.png

We are excited to have been named in the cofinitive #21toWatch
campaign. The award recognises the People, Companies, and the ‘Things’ that
they create that are setting the standards in innovation and entrepreneurship
across glo

Cofinitive’s founder Faye Holland said: “We are delighted that Kerb-e
has been named in our Top21.2023 #21toWatch list, the accolade is well
deserved, and we look forward to following their progress.”

“Over the past 12 months we’ve continued to collate hundreds of submissions in
response to our #21toWatch campaign and the criteria we set was pretty tough:
each submission, whether it was a company, individual or ‘thing’ that they create,
had to demonstrate a set of attributes: Innovation; Challenge; Influence;
Viability; and Memorability. Our independent judges all agreed that all our winners
have the potential for huge impact or a personal, company or product basis”.

To find out more about the #21toWatch campaign visit

Product Features


Kerb-e does not require significant amounts of subterranean space so you can install it on any street


Innovation throughout keeps repair, upgrade and installation costs to a bare minimum.


Kerb-e offers up to 22kW (3-ph) AC charging from each port, the top end of level 2 charging speeds


Kerb-e can be uninstalled at low cost with almost no legacy impact on the visual landscape unlike any other 7kW+ charger.


Kerb-e is designed for low utilisation rates, so on-street charging costs can be as close to those that drivers with private parking benefit from.


Kerb-e is designed to be a smart charger, enabling the user to benefit from smart tariffs and smart control.

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