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About Us


Kerb-e has been designed by brothers Haroon and Farhaan. Keen tinkerers with degrees in Physics and Motorsport Engineering respectively they've used their broad technical knowledge to develop a solution which leverages their considerable experience across a multitude of fields.

Image by Karlis Reimanis


Haroon spent almost a decade in finance after he left university before turning his hand to auto-switching comparison sites. Currently he is working on energy efficiency technologies in refrigeration and, of course, Kerb-e. Feel free to connect with Haroon on Linkedin by clicking his picture above

Engineer Working on Machinery


Farhaan is a motorsport fanatic with a degree in motorsport engineering. He has worked for F1 teams and car manufacturers in areas spanning aero to advanced control systems. He currently works in Formula-E where he uses his deep knowledge of electronic circuit design and manufacture to help teams maximise the potential of their complex power trains in highly competetive situations. You can connect with Farhaan on Linkedin by clicking his picture above.

Engineer Working on Machinery


Kerb-e is currently being developed in conjunction with:

Productiv are an engineering and manufacturing firm based in Coventry that specialise in developing new technologies in conjunction with the firms, engineers and inventors that concieve them. Click the logo to visit their site.

KSS are a specialist drilling firm located in the South-East who have helped Kerb-e investigate the economical drilling and mounting method used to attach the charging system to a variety of kerb stones. Click the logo to visit their site.


EDRV are an electric vehicle charging platform operator and development company that create the software infrastructure for charge points operators to use to manage a fleet of charge points. Their solutions incorporate dynamic load balancing technologies and open-access payment solutions.

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