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Our mission is to make switching to an electric vehicle accessible to all

From as early as 2030 combustion powered vehicles will cease to be sold in the developed world. Transport is going electric and governments are working on policies that will support the deployment of charging infrastructure required to support it.


Recognising the potential of this opportunity, but also the challenge it presents, our founders have developed a solution that carefully considers the needs of all stakeholders involved in public charging. The aim is to provide reliable, affordable and convenient charging for the millions of motorists around the world who park "on-street." 

Erik Anderson - Co-founder

Erik has spent a decade working in the climate change industry and has over 5 yrs of experience in the EV charging sector. Erik has worked on EV charging strategy, product development, deployment logistics and business development. He has cultivated an extensive network of EV charging contacts across North America and Europe. Erik holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois and an MBA from the University of Chicago. 

Haroon Shaikh - Co-founder

Haroon spent a decade in finance before leaving to start his first startup, an insurance and energy platform that automatically saved consumers money on their energy bills. The desire to develop a tangible product lingered though, and before long Haroon set about designing an EV charger specifically for the on-street environment. Haroon has a BSc in Physics from the University of Warwick.

Interested in investing?

On-street EV charging is a fantastic investment opportunity, here's why..

On rare occasions, private firms are given an opportunity to deploy private assets in the public right of way. For example, telecom operators are able to replace or erect new phone masts to meet new communication standards and targets. These private assets located in these prime locations can be very lucrative investments. 

On-street chargers will be deployed at huge scale in premium locations all towns and cities across the world. These chargers will be 'plumbed in' to high-speed data and power lines which makes future use cases plentiful. 

Kerb-e has the potential to be one of the most important, valuable and ubiquitous pieces of private infrastructure deployed in the last 50 years. Our award-winning tech has caught the attention of Shell and we are working with the energy giant to pilot our chargers in the UK and Europe to accompany our rapid progress in the USA. 

If you are interested in EV charging as an investment opportunity, on-street charging is the sector to focus on, and in that sector we believe Kerb-e will soon establish itself as the leading charging solution for the on-street environment. 

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