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8 million UK households do not have access to off-street parking

Over 8 million households rely on street parking. That's 30% of UK households! This proportion is roughly mirrored in western countries meaning over 100 million motorists will be reliant on affordable and convenient EV charging to make the switch to an electric vehicle.

On-street charging solutions have been severely lacking. The urban environment includes numerous highly-engaged stakeholders, from pedestrians to motorists, utility firms to residents. On-street charging requires a very specific solution, one that can appease the various demands of these stakeholders. 

An on-street charger needs to be:
  • Economical - Existing solutions are too expensive. Millions of chargers will need to be installed and operated at low enough cost to be deemed economically viable by charge point operators. Furthermore, customers will expect costs to be as close to those paid by their private-charger owning counterparts.
  • Robust - The urban environment is demanding. Chargers will need to be resilient to damage, both purposeful and accidental. The ability of the chargers to reliably handle the harsh environment can have a huge impact on their economic feasibility. 
  • Adaptable - Electric vehicle technology is evolving, quickly. Any on-street charger needs to be easily removed with minimal lasting impact on the environment and be capable of serving an alternative function if charging technology changes significantly. Otherwise, the risk is a portfolio of derelict assets causing annoyance and cost to existing stakeholders.
  • Scalable - The on-street environment is uncompromising. Space is at a premium, both above and below ground. Pedestrians, residents and utility firms vie for access to precious space in these densely populated areas. Current charging solutions often require significant concrete foundations and large excavations that simply can't be accommodated. On-street charging requires a solution that can be deployed at scale.
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